Serendipitous House for Hong Kong, 4th Year

Running parallel with the notion of porosity, the project takes a close look at housing in the already dwelling rich city of Hong Kong. The density and proximity of building and housing typologies in the densest city on Earth, calls for verticality, not just as an architectural type, but also as a housing type.

To stack housing equates to efficiency in the city, in addition to this, reducing building footprints only adds to the efficient building type. The site, located in the Mid-Levels region of Hong Kong, sits along the Mid-Levels escalator. Access to the building can be achieved from multiple points along Hong Kong's extreme topography, including the escalator itself.

Earlier research in the design programme, recognised stacking and verticality as something that could potentially benefit those living in Hong Kong. 

The necessity for density is maximised through the utilisation of the quintupled housing type. 

This project was published on Evolo and Super Architects in 2014